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APE (abbreviation of the Spic phrase "Alfabeto Pronunsiro dela Epika") is an alphabet used throughout the Epikkan continent to illustrate how words are pronounced. It was invented by Spic Professor Franko-Lingo delos Benos, along with some of his colleagues at the UoP. The original 1988 white paper goes into why the APE was created: "Other languages [besides Spic] are way too fucking[sic] inconsistent with their spelling, because they have too few symbols for all of their sounds. That is why we've catalogued all 7540 sounds that occur in common Epikkan languages and dialects, and given them all their own symbol." The reason so many symbols are needed, is because the great variety in the physiologies of Dwaian species allows for many different sounds in different languages. These include the Third Gurgle and the Toenail Ultravibration, respectively denoted as /≋/ and // in the APE.