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The Halls of Scrung, part of the main base of operation of the BOI. Sometimes they play chess there and it looks really cool but they don't really know how to play.

In the land of Dwaia, there is a guild called the Brotherhood Of Irenicity. A member of this guild is called a Brother Of Irene, or Boi for short.

The BOI is dedicated to securing peace among nations and protecting the world of Dwaia against the evil forces from Evil Land.

To become a Boi, you must undergo many challenges. The BOI does not take the safety of the realm lightly, and therefore it can only accept the best of the best. Some of these challenges include:

  • Challenge 5: Use your powers to create a donut and then destroy it again.
  • Challenge 49: Survive the Bop-It arena for 5 seconds.
  • Challenge 62: Stare into the eyes of the Gronxu without burping to death.
  • Challenge 99: Go to the store and get groceries, but backwards.

As you can tell, it is not an easy to become a Boi. Therefore the list of existing Bois is short:


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