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Earth, notated Te, is the fourth of the six Base elements found on the World of Dwaia. Physically it makes up the vast majority of Dwaia itself and is a major component of most creatures, making it one of the most common elements alongside Air and Water. Despite this, Earth is rarely seen in its purest form on Dwaia outside of heavily earth-based regions such as The Deep Bogh. However as it's observed that each plane contains vast quantities of their respective element (See: Plane of Fire), it's assumed that the Plane of Earth is massively composed of the pure element.

The following is a table of the six elemental Aspects, and how they combine with Earth to form new elements:

Aspect Earth Te
Death Bone Te†
Life Plant Te∲
Regression Trash Te↓
Progression Car Parts Te↑
Ascension Steel Te⧺
Ultimate Harambium Te♯

Invariably, Earth and its six variations serve as the structural backbone of all things. It is Earth that keeps the ground solid beneath your feet, lets trees support the weight of all their Air-giving leaves, and is the scaffolding that most creatures' bodies are built upon.

Earth is traditionally associated with the Constitution stat.