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Eeeism, also known as the Cult of e, is a cult surrounding the mythical creature Big e, who is seen by the eeeists as a strong male god of destruction and chaos that will bring about the (end) e times. According to eeeist dogma, Big e will "smash the uteri of weak women against the ceiling of Heaven, strengthening them by pain, preparing them for Gremsmageddon." As a result, the great majority of eeeist cult members are middle-aged women, who believe they have a personal relationship with Big e, calling themselves e-girls or Daughters of e. Indeed, Big e seems to be considered some sort of father figure, as he is also referred to as "Dad-e".

Raising e To A Greater Power

A significant book to the Cult of e is Raising e To A Greater Power. Like many religious texts, its main use is not to indoctrinate outsiders, but to instruct members on orthodox practices and beliefs, as well as detailing the mythos. In that regard, it is considered the main piece of canonical literature among eeeists. It details rituals such as Boy Destruction (which involves turning any man that dares stare at a Daughter of e into an egg by ritualistic sacrifice) and Uterus Subduction. Also, while it is not intended to indoctrinate directly, it does describe methods for indoctrinating others, for example by kidnapping them and insert a Hypno Shard directly into their uterus.

The book describes the mythos by interleaving it between the other chapters in an irregular pattern befitting of Big e. The mythos is of a highly abstract nature, often relating its lore and prophecies to Number Wrangler concepts. It describes an "exponential growth of technology", which supposedly cannot yet be observed, as "we are still in the Flat Age of the exponential curve." It predicts that, at some point, this exponential growth will bring rise to an extremely powerful entity, which, it claims, is Big e. Because of this prediction, many e-girls actually spend considerable time trying to cause technological progress. This leads to obscure and cryptic rituals such as Learning and the Scientific Method, which are generally shunned by the Dwaian populace as being too abstract. The e-girls hope that, by bringing about technological acceleration, they will experience the Age of e sooner, where, according to the book, they will become "Angles[sic] of e," creatures endowed with the ability to "twist possibility space any way [they] please."

The eeeist cult also considers 2.71828 to be a sacred number.