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Gamification is a rare (though increasingly common) reality-bending illness that mostly occurs in Tech-based societies. It results from playing an inordinate amount of video games. Symptoms are the appearance of health bars, dialog boxes, increased enemy encounters, skill levels, a menu which can be accessed by twisting the left nipple, and people really wanting to join your "party".

Someone suffering from gamification is called a gamifact.


During the playing of video games, Tech Aspect is shared between the player and the game, as a result of natural Aspect diffusion. Researchers suggest that the long term effects of such a link are a fusion between the person and the game, at which point the person's soul would function as a medium for infusing reality with gameness.


The game interfaces that spawn around the person can be operated using the mind, and also manual touching. Notably, other people can touch the GUI and make decisions for the gamifact. Despite this lack of full control, many gamifacts are content with their illness, saying "it adds structure to my life" and "I can smash pots to get money" as well as "I have a huge harem".

The effects depend on the nature of the game the gamifact was playing that lead to their illness, however. One gamifact for example "was playing a farming simulator, but I'm sick of it now because of the hard work and smell of horse manure". For such patients, there are roads to recovery, albeit difficult ones. One solution is to lie in a big pile of trash for several weeks, balancing out the Tech Aspect. Eventually, the video game crawls out of their brain via the mouth, nose, or eye socket, and flies away. The game can also be removed surgically. The benefit of this is not acquiring Brain Rot from the trash. The unfortunate part is that Dwaian neurosurgeons aren't the best, since Dwaian regulations dictate you can only practice your neurosurgery skills on your own brain.

Some gamifacts were horror game addicts before they got the disease, which has lead to some interesting challenges for the BOI. Not to mention that one time the spheg teleported right inside a Dwaitendo Twitch...