gremscro big hands

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gremscro big hands
Aliases gremscro,
big hands
Relatives Biggie Hands (father),
Handa Biggs (mother),
gremscro big hands (himself)
Affiliation idunno
Elements Meat
Skills all
STR big hands
DEX big hands
CON big hands
INT big hands
WIS big hands
CHA big hands
What are these stats?
Biographical information
Country Edgeon // The Dark Rift
Marital status big
Biographical information
Species gremscro big hands
Gender big hands
Height 1.80m (body),
1.20m (hands)
Weight 105kg (body),
400kg (hands)
  • big hands
  • extremely powerful
  • influenced the election
  • touches you in your sleep
  • big hands


  • can scale his hands to any size, for example to grab a drink from the other side of the room, hold a planet, sun, a galaxy, touch the edge of the universe
  • hands can exceed the speed of light and disobey the square-cube law
  • can use hand movements to influence the universe (powers can be turned on and off):
    • he flips you off you explode
    • snaps his finger half the universe dies
    • he waves goodbye and you are erased from history including all your ancestors and relatives (so your entire species and all species that are related (so basically the entire ecosystem))
    • spice implosion by doing the italian hand gesture
  • can communicate terabytes per second using big sign language
  • walks on his fingers like giant meaty spider legs
  • godly headpats
  • grab space-time itself (via big hands); gremscro did this once to end Yokosmak's rein by closing the rift to his dimensions with a stapler, some duct tape, a sowing machine, a welder and some blu tac.
  • smack you girl's ass into the 5th dimension
  • can grab a lightning bolt and throw it back to the clouds, even if he shouted BONKO after spotting a doggo
Gremscro demonstrating Brother Lee love


gremscro was birthulated by the gigaeromatryx Handa Biggs (named after her son via time loop shenanigans). It is debated whether this was the moment he formed, or whether he already existed outside of the universe and merely entered by method of birth. When questioned on the matter, gremscro big hands said:

"big handss... 😎"
—gremscro big hands


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