Known Magical Spells

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Spoken incantations

feeto deleto

  • Counterspell to a variety of foot-based magics.

bighie bog bazingo

  • Spawn a big bog at a target location.
  • Costs 5 MP and one tasty bana.

organus reversa

  • Reverses the organs of the targeted creature.
  • May indirectly result in fear affliction.


  • Temporarily transform yourself into an angry Bogobin.
  • While in this form you can scream loudly (though not as loud as a real Bogobin)
  • However, you lose most of your self-control.

autismus reflecto

  • reflects all autismus in a 10 foot radius (depends on creature's foot size)

logos etymo

  • Converts a written word to an earlier form: "is" becomes "esse"
  • The more intensely the spell is cast, the further back the form goes.
  • Has unexpected effects on neologisms: the spell seems to invent its own past.
  • Advanced user can apply the spell on things besides written words:
    • This has an odd effect, turning the object into some kind of proto-form: A wheel becomes a rock. A staff becomes a stick.
  • The effects are different from Unmake, since instead of having its ingredients extracted, the object is turned into a less refined form.

Unspoken spells

Raise Boneman


  • Converts a food item into its ingredients.
  • The user needs to provide cups for the liquid ingredient to go into, or else these just fall to the ground.
  • Advanced users can use Unmake to split many other things into their components: Machines become parts. Animals become organs.
  • To date, no one has managed to Unmake a base element, such as Water or Earth.