Plane of Earth

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Fourth Plane Ѫ
Fourth plane impression.png
Artist's rendition of the Fourth Plane, based on scientific assumptions.
Government Evil Land (claimed)
None (recognized)
Type Great Plane
Element Te
Level Presumed >60
Location First Hemicube
Inhabitants Boglines, Okxi, Sneghen
Population Unknown

The Fourth Plane, known colloquially as the Plane of Earth and notated Ѫ, is one of six planes making up the cubicular surface of the World of Dwaia. Like all other planes it encompasses an area of about one billion square kilometers, very little of which has been explored. It is bordered by the First Plane to the west, the Plane of Air to the north, the Hidden Plane to the east, and the Plane of Fire to the south. The Plane of Water is the only plane that Ⴋ does not share a border with.

Almost nothing is known about this plane beyond geographic fundamentals, even less than some others such as the Plane of Fire. The mystery surrounding the Plane of Earth is sometimes even compared to the Hidden Plane.

Numerous adventurers have attempted to negotiate the very long and treacherous journey through Bogoland to see what lies beyond the great ridge, though nobody has returned, which isn't surprising. Do you even know how loud they fucking scream out there?


Decades of scientific pondering has lead to a generally accepted theory: Following the climate trend of The First Plane to grow increasingly arid toward the east, the Plane of Earth is presumed to be an incredibly dry land with no plant-life to be found. Thus, the creatures who populate The Deep Bogh are expected to have migrated from the Plane of Earth. This is known as Crusty Desert Theory.

The Fourth Plane stands out among the others in another fashion - its temperature is habitable, unlike the Planes of Air and Fire, and is probably composed of solid ground unlike the Plane of Water. This makes it a candidate for unpredictable quantities of terrestrial life, placing it among the most popular topics of speculation for scientists and philosophers.

Highly respected scientist and philosopher James Himmveldt the 3st once postulated: "maybe its just nothin."