The 'Fam' incident

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On one of the many days that Duane floated around the Village of Gen'ral partaking in what witnesses describe as "trolling," he decided to harass a local guard. The details of what exactly he did to the guard are unclear, but it resulted in Duane being forcibly deported from the entire country of Dwaia. Witnesses and evidence agree that the final straw that broke the figurative camel's back was a single word he'd repeatedly referred to the guard as: "Fam."

With little evidence of other crimes, the Kingdom of Dwaia] concluded that Duane was undeserving of exile, and as punishment for her hastiness to eject a citizen from the country, the guard was fired. Following this, Duane was freely readmitted to the country of Dwaia and faced no legal repercussions for the event.

News of the Kingdom's verdict was across the country within minutes, and most citizens were in agreement of it. However, a group of protestors did form who saw the decision as wholly unjust, for they believed Duane to be guilty of far more than just a distasteful choice of words. Through weeks of peaceful protest, more citizens joined the cause and the Kingdom was eventually forced to give in. The guard's job was reinstated, however it wasn't long before she resigned on her own accord and proceeded leave the country herself.