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Bone Golem
Bone Golem.jpg
Elements Te† / Bo†
Skills Spoop, rattle, destroy object, bone collection, bone construction
Regions Boners, Osseia, Evil Land, Hosonough, basically anywhere on the First Plane
General body type Varied. Mostly a pile or big skeleton
Prominent Features Dry, sometimes brittle, tastes like chalk
Height 0.30m - 10.50m
Weight 5kg - 245kg

The Bone Golem is a construct made by Skeleton Wizards and necromancers out of left-over or dead bone. They are commonly used by skeletons as mindless lair protectors, construction workers, and bone field laborers. Normally, you would think that the bone golem is just as dead as regular skeletons, but that is where you are wrong, you ignorant mughead. Unlike Skeletons, Bone Golems lack sentience and intelligence even if one or multiple souls are bound to it. Bone Golems are favored amongst skeleton magic users as servants because of how little pay they are willing to work for and the highly customizable nature of their bonic bodies.

For the more advanced magic users, the creation of Bone Mechs is also an option. Giant bone golems with tiny cockpits that often look like hats.

Bone Golem jobs

As mentioned above, Bone Golems are highly customizable and thus take on multiple forms. Some of these forms are the following:

  • Lair Protectors are typically bigger and bulkier, and often made out of multiple sets of skeletons. They have massive strength but are as dumb as their hollow skulls. Often, tougher bones such as troll or dragon bones are used to make these.
  • Construction Boners is an umbrella term for any golem used for construction. Anything from the crane skells to 'tall bois and hammer bones are each specialized variants used for bone structure making.
  • Field Laborers / Bone Absorbers are long-term traveling bone piles that slither around the biomes of Dwaia to collect bones of all kinds and take them back to their masters.