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The City of Dwaia is the capital of the Land of Dwaia. It is an ancient city, being found by the Great Mage Dwaius (now King of Dwaia) in 422 AP. It was founded as a hub of peace and order in a time of chaos, and as a result, has harbored a culture of order ever since. This can still be seen in Dwaia's sharp architectural style, its regulated marketplaces and peaceful public spaces, its strict and cautious schooling system, and its low crimerate and (mostly) polite citizens. Many species live together in Dwaia, including humans, monster girls, grass, blobmen. Even bogobins are allowed inside as long as their don't scream.

Dwaia is surrounded by a big wall and also force field with is heeld in placee by christal air which also give people big hands with big fingers....





The politics of Dwaia is perceived within the framework of a constituional psudeo-monarchical autocracy with a parliamentary bureaucracy split up between senates and ministries of militants, magocrats, and economists. Because of the size and hierarchical difference between town and regions in Dwaia (the land), the Dwaian government also works under a feudalist confederacy based on trade economics. Some claim Dwaia to be democratic and not autocratic but those people are liars and dumb.


Being the capital of The First Plane, while simultaneously acting as the central political hub and cultural hub of The First Plane, has made Dwaia a hotbed of various factions and trading companies. Like with any other superpower, Dwaia is bound to have good and bad relations to different parts of The First Plane.


Arguably Dwaia's biggest enemies in the eyes of the Edgeon Government. The Dwaian politicians try their best to ignore the shit-tier insults and threats coming from Edgeon but have ultimately given Edgeon the title of 'Vilified' to get them to fuck off. Despite their status, a handful of traders regularly come in from Edgeon, but who claim to have no relations to the quote: "Retarded neckbeard government". The same merchants, often mistaken for spies, also claim that the black and red kimonos they wear are solely to get the Edgeon police to shut the fuck up.

Boring Town

Several letters and messengers have been sent to Boring Town, but no response has ever been given. One messenger, "Abigail Cocaine-ass", says that "I must have walked past Boring Town many times before I realized it because of how boring it is"

Grass Town

While stable trade exists between Dwaia and Grass Town, their relations are mostly neutral. Grass Town benefits from Dwaian Tourists who come visit and donate their pee and shit as fertilizer.


Being a stereotypical fantasy-esque town to begin with, Placeville's relations to Dwaia can be summed up with a smiley emote :)