First Plane

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First Plane ❈Δ
First plane impression.png
Artist's rendition of the First Plane. It's not even remotely accurate, who hired this guy?
Government Several Nation States
Type Great Plane
Level 1-99
Location First Hemicube
Inhabitants Numerous (see here)
Population 1 000 000 000 000 000 004

The First Plane, often referred to as Dwaia (Plane) and notated ❈Δ, is the most temperate and habitable of Dwaia's six planes. All known countries and explored regions are found here. It is bordered by the Plane of Water to the west, the Plane of Air to the north, the Plane of Earth to the east, and the Plane of Fire to the south.
The one-billion square kilometer land area of the First Plane is marked by an intensely diverse geography of grassy hills, mountains, swamps, deserts, snowscapes, and arid tundras, as well as numerous islands and bodies of water.

Notable regions

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The Kingdom of Dwaia (Land), not to be confused with Dwaia (Plane) or Dwaia (World), is a union of nation-states straddling the geometric center of the First Plane. It is here that most Humans call home and where most adventurers begin their journeys. As a heavily defended kingdom it has become an oasis for the weak, and its Level is one of the lowest in all of the World of Dwaia.

Grassia & Cowboland

Immediately surrounding the land of Dwaia is Grassia, a roughly circular expanse of grass from which it gets its name. A massive herd of Cows and Cowbos patrol this region, eating all the grass and leaving behind miles of freshly trimmed prairie. The resulting region is known as Cowboland.

The Bogh

Far to the east of the Kingdom of Dwaia is an arid realm known as the Bogh, or Bogoland. In these temperate but dry, beige-tinted plains, the struggle for resources may be the least of an adventurer's worries: Bogobins roam here.. or rather, they lie. They are the loudest creatures yet known - the most powerful can damage a Human's hearing from beyond the horizon.
Further east lies the The Deep Bogh, where stronger bogoes have ascended into Double, Triple, and Quadruple Bogoes. Incredibly powerful screams are known to echo for many miles through the Earth and even reflect off the clouds.