Mefjus Ventador

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Ah shit, here we go again.
Mefjus Ventador
Sage from another universe.
Aliases "Great Sage Degenerate Supreme™ Ascended+69", Grand Wizardman, Cancerous Tumor, Land of the Rising Sun
Relatives 我妻由乃
Affiliation Autoania, Duane
Biographical information
Country Autoania
Marital status Married to a Loli.
Date of birth What the fuck is this???????
Place of birth #supreme_heckposts
Biographical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 167.6 (cm)
Weight 87.99 (kg)
Eye color Brown

Mefjus Ventador is a "Great Sage Degenerate Supreme™ Ascended+69", who also happens to be a human. Born in Autoania, in the deep depths of some fucking caves. He now roams the depths of #supreme_heckposts(This fucking discord channel has too many name changes...) and just spends most of his time reposting other people's memes, along with his own shitty creations known as "mistakes".

Mefjus is believed to be mentally insane, as he thinks he's married to a Loli(not a waifu, more like a fictional character created because reality is a pain in the ass to deal with). This could be blamed on the influences that the Duane had on him in the early stages of The Ascension.

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