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| name = Noxius
| name = Noxius
| image = Niggerboi.png
| image = Noxius.png
| imagecaption = A 3D rendered model of Noxius
| imagecaption = A 3D rendered model of Noxius
| aliases = Noxius, Destroyer of Puss
| aliases = Noxius, Destroyer of Puss

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A 3D rendered model of Noxius
Aliases Noxius, Destroyer of Puss
Relatives Tyrannica, Fuckface, SKELBONE?
Affiliation the caves
Biographical information
Country Evil Land
Marital status Undateable
Date of birth Unknown
Place of birth Evil Land, some cave that he still roams to this day
Date of death Unknown
Place of death Unknown
Biographical information
Species Skeleton
Gender Male
Height TBA
Weight TBA
Eye color Black

Noxius is a Skeleton that resides in the Bone Cave within Evil Land. He is black in appearan- okay just imagine a skeleton... now imagine one that's black. He likes to taunt anyone who come by him by repeatedly saying "fuck you", he also claims to be the "Destroyer of Puss". He claims his name is in reference to the night (nox), but really it's just a shortening of Obnoxious, his birth name, given to him by his skeleton mother Tyrannica, and his father Fuckface, because at birth they realized he was going to be real annoying with all the crying and saying "fuck you" and shit.