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• [[Gensamenng Giojenn]], 1246 AP (successful)</br>
• [[Gensamenng Giojenn]], 1246 AP (successful)</br>
• Rattletank Bonkdank, 1248 AP (successful)</br>
• Rattletank Bonkdank, 1248 AP (successful)</br>
== Pictures ==
<gallery mode="nolines">
File:Fire_Dune1.jpeg|200px|Also, incoming ash storm in the Dune Fields, the noman's land between the First Plane and the Plane of Fire
File:Fire_Dune2.jpeg|The horizon taken from a safer part from the Dune Fields. What you see over the hills isn't the sun, it's the result of a volcano eruption that has caused a massive scrubfire
File:Fire_Dune3.jpeg|One of the biggest cities in the Plane of Fire dubbed Miasma because of the constant ashy vapours that rise from the lava moat surround the city. This is also why the city seems to blur
File:Fire_Jovian.jpg|Jovian from the Fire Plane
[[Category:Great Planes]]
[[Category:Great Planes]]

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Fifth Plane Igη
Fifth plane impression.png
Artist's stubbornly inaccurate conception of the Fifth Plane.
Government Evil Land (claimed)
None (recognized)
Type Great Plane
Element Ig
Level 54-92
Location Southern Hemicube
Inhabitants Ipugnon, Bep
Population 1,970,000 (estimated)
at least 9,000 (observed)

The Fifth Plane, referred to colloquially as the Plane of Fire (not to be confused with Fire Land), and notated Igη, is a light-drowned hellscape that you should never visit (implying you could if you tried). Encompassing an area of approximately one billion square kilometers, the Plane of Fire is bordered by the Plane of Water to the north, the First Plane to the north, the Plane of Earth to the north, and the Last Plane to the north. Everything is to the north, because the Plane of Fire is at the bottom of the world. Nobody has figured out how to address this problem yet, but nobody lives there except for like some fire dudes so it probably doesn't matter.

The Plane of Fire does not share a border with its elemental antithesis, the Plane of Air.

Japaleno lies directly above this plane at all times because Dwaia is locked in a squaral orbit (squorbit), generating oceans of molten rock and firestorms hundreds of kilometers in width. Typhoons of sentient flame known as Ipugnon roam their magmatic flows, feeding on readily abundant Spice.

The Fifth Plane's sweltering climate[understatement of the millenium] reaches into the southeastern bounds of Dwaia (Plane), creating a perpetually burning desert that is dubbed Fire Land. Very small humanoids called the Bep, adept in the art of Harmonic Vulcanomancy, live on both sides of the southern border.

Quite powerful wizards, instead of generating elements, prefer to teleport their flames directly from the Plane of Fire. This allows an incredible output of destruction while bypassing the Principle of Equivalent Exchange. The downsides are an incredible cost in pure energy and magicks, as well as the risk of accidentally setting a stray fire-beast onto the First Plane. The practice is heavily discouraged for this reason, save for the very strongest of wizards.

Interaction with the Water Plane

An incredibly powerful and complex hurricane system has persisted as a result of the Plane of Fire and the Plane of Water contacting each other directly. Across the 31,616 kilometer length of this Great Ridge, it's common for the colossal water-winds to release megatons of energy as they flash into Steam. Ipugnons should avoid this region, as contact with the Plane of Water would spell their certain demise, but they do it anyway because they're stupid.


The Kingdom of Dwaia has sent numerous wizards on odysseys to the Plane of Fire, often to surprising success. This has lead to the Fifth Plane becoming the most intensely studied of all the Great Planes, and currently remains the best understood. Multiple nations, including the Kingdom of Dwaia and the Skeleton Kingdom of Osseia, maintain established trade routes with the Bep. All successful expeditions have gone through Fire Land, bypassing the highly advanced Golbi Empire.

List of initial expeditions:
Damian Alterra Fontaine, 760 AP (failed)
• Helfen Giosaad, 1104 AP (successful)
• Helfen Giosaad, 1106 AP (successful)
• Helfen Giosaad, 1106 AP (failed)
gremscro big hands, 1200 AP (big hands)
• Tingtong Bink-dongdink, 1209 AP (failed)
• Tingtong Bink-donkdonk, 1232 AP (successful)
Gensamenng Giojenn, 1246 AP (successful)
• Rattletank Bonkdank, 1248 AP (successful)