Timeline of Dwaian History

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This is a table of major historical events in the history of the Dwaian world, as well as the universe.

Date Name of event Event description
4.26⋅102676PP Blep Multiverse forms
87.4⋅105PP Dwaia is created The Dwaia Square
0AP Potatogenesis Azaius Botatio is born.
3.5 AP The Coin Incident Azai screwed up big time
3.7 AP Universal transportation Dwaia is transported to the Recycloverse.
3.7.0001 AP Eggo and Japaleno Appear A couple hours after Dwaia spawns in the Recycloverse, a large egg and an even larger ~~bell pepper~~ jalapeno spontaneously teleported nearby, entering into squorbits, thus remaining locked for the rest of time. The two celestial bodies are theorized to be left-overs from some god's dinner.
Version 3.8.10 (hotfix) (Regression) GBB10072: "Weird thing happens when I try to lick my elbow" Fixed the infinite jump glitch.
35 AP The Great Recovery Dwaian civilizations begin getting kind of used to their new environment. Technological advances based on the new laws of physics start being made.
Also 35 AP The Crack The technology is immediately used by the evil Lord Fuccis, landing the the world in a long period of general oppression.
420 AP The BOI Forms and Defeats Fuccis Blombo, Hornethulasia, and the Mysterious Boy Who is Unknown, band together under their common will for justice and form the BOI. They devise an incredibly complex and convoluted 142-step plan to defeat Lord Fuccis and, miraculously, manage to execute it successfully. In the process, they gain his power, and swear to use it to protect the world.
422 AP City of Dwaia is established King Dwaius I, a powerful mage at the time, uses the period of relative peace to establish a walled city where people can escape from the chaos.
433 AP Skills and Perks rework Updated, reworked, fixed and added new skills, perks and evolution paths after huge community feedback loops.
433.2 AP Skill and Perks rework (Hotfix) Fixed the "Perfect Existence" exploit which allowed all ordinary creatures to forcibly evolve into Nihilistic Nonagon Anti-space Overlords.
513.7 AP Queen Cloudia 1st is elected Queen Cloudia was self-elected as the first queen of the Jovians
831 AP The Terrible War
1936 - 1937 AP Edgeon Incursion I
?????? Dwaia 2.0 Dwaia is renovated into a 4D triangle with soft edges so you don't cut yourself.