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Elements Evil, Meat, Bone
Skills Devour, Dread Aura, Cursed Speech, Tear, Rip, Consume, Gnaw, Cronch
Country Southern Dwaia, Plane of Fire
General body type Bipedal orb
Prominent Features Slightly leathery and hairy (depending on climate), yellow; brown and green
Height 0.9m - 1.2m
Weight 80kg - 120kg

The Okxik (from Cursed Speech Ökksyk), Drædons or Devourers is a bipedal orb creature native to southern Dwaia and the Plane of Fire. The Southern Dwaian Okxi are slightly smaller and frequently hairier than their relatives, the Fire Okxik. The two species are closely linked in appearance and genetics, the main differences being their herd size, hunting tactics, appearance, and aggression.

The Okxik has been considered an invasive species by many Dwaian zoologists who have studied the species. This verdict was made based on the Okxi's naturally destructive nature and predator status. The Okxik scares away bird and animal species by marking their territory with their piss and shid and bones from prey. They draw dreadful messages on rocks and skin tapestries that are meant to scare away more intelligent prey.

As of 2019AP, the Okxik is considered a dangerous and invasive species that should be avoided at all costs and fought back against if possible. The Zoologist Society of Dwaia advised in an article in 2016AP to contact local enforcement if one should see signs of an Okxik tribe. More information can be found on their website.


The Origin of the Okxi is currently unknown, however, it is known that the species migrated from the Plane of Fire and adapted to the colder climates of Southern Dwaia as seen from the hairy difference from species to subspecies. The smaller size can be attributed to the increase in food and therefore lack of competition. The Okxi herds in Southern Dwaia are bigger as a result of this too.


Apart from the more aggressive and competitive Okxi from the Fire Plane, the Okxi share the same behavioral patterns. In terms of herd, the Southern Dwaian Okxik tends to stay together in bigger herds and assign males to hunters and females to nest builders and carers. Because of their smaller size, the Southern Dwaian Okxi also takes part in pack hunting tactics.

Their nests are usually crater-shaped in appearance and are protected with an assortment of layers of skin and bone and shid walls. When these nests are threatened the female Okxi will scream out in a horrible fucking noise known as "Hysterical Ass-ripping". Okxi that are particularly DUMMY THICC can, as a defense mechanism, use their rippling rears to generate a shockwave to knock down incoming attackers.