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Welcome to the The World of Dwaia Wiki!

In a world far far away, there are eggs, there are bois, and there are lands to be discovered. This world is Dwaia and it's pretty neat.

Im putting the timeline here until we find out where to put it. Timeline of Dwaian History

And also here's the current date on Dwaia.

New to the site? Introduce yourself in the Forum.

What will I find on these cool pages?

Here is list of lists of links to the best of the articles to get you started on the World of Dwaia. Simply choose a page and read away!

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Organizations Species People

Want to write but you have no inspiration? Look at these articles, that have been deemed very strong and good.

Unsure where to start? Take a look at these articles that either have some or no information at all!

Dwaia Wiki currently has articles!

There are many sights to be seen in the World of Dwaia! Take a look for example at the nice image below:

Featured Article: gremscro big hands

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20 October 2019

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19 October 2019

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18 October 2019

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17 October 2019

N    21:58  First Edgeon Incursion‎‎ 5 changes history+9,740[Tesserakatt‎ (5×)]
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14 October 2019