Eggdge Lord

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Eggdge Lord
Eggdge Lord.jpg
Eggdge Lord observing his surroundings with his vigilant eye.
Aliases Chain-clad Yolk, Grand Eggolitarian
Relatives Eggotus The I (father), Shelly (sister)
Biographical information
Country Dwaia
Marital status Looking for his special eggstress
Date of birth Straight outta cloaca, 3 AP
Place of birth Eggoslavia
Biographical information
Species Yolkboi
Gender Manly
Height The size of an ostrich egg
Weight Egg-lot
Eye color Purple

General information

Eggdge Lord (also known as Chain-clad Yolk) is the most recent holy ruler of the small Kingdom of Eggoslavia in north-south Grassia. He has been ruling it for around fifty years. He first won the favor of the Eggoslavians in the king-elections of 1965AP, when he coined his famous slogan "One Yolk, One Folk".

Not much is known about this yolkboi, but rumours say that Eggdge Lord's eye can see through lies of thots, this might be the reason why he still hasn't found his queen.