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World of Dwaia
Artist rendition of dwaia in space.png
Artist's rendition of Dwaia (Also the most commonly used one). The top square represents the First Plane, which is where all known Dwaian countries reside. The bottom right square is the Southern Plane of Fire, which is why it's red. The bottom left square is supposed to be blue, as it is the Western Plane of Water, but sadly the artist was color-blind and also mentally retarded.
Government Several Nation States
Type Cube
Level 1-99
Location Edge of the Universe
Inhabitants Dwaians, Ayylmaos
Population 1 000 000 000 000 000 004

The World of Dwaia, no to be confused with Dwaia, is a realm in a distant universe. It is populated by a great variety of people, and is only one realm among many others in a very big universe. Its name is derived from the Goddess Dwaia, who is said to have been so calm and relaxed that she completely faded from existence. Legend says that without this nonexistence, the world could not exist.

Because in order for there to be existence, there must also be nonexistence. Thus Goddess Dwaia is seen as a martyr who sacrificed herself into the void of relaxation in order for the world to be born. Folklore indicates that she is still doing Netflix and chill to this day.

Dwaia takes the shape of a cube.

Countries on Dwaia:


Back at the dawn of light, when the 🅱ig 🅱ang was still young, a group of infinitely knowledgeable artisans met up and drew plans of the perfect ecosystem, meant to be the perfect place for every being in the multiverse,

while also providing a library for the craftsmen to engrave their eternal knowledge onto.

The core of Dwaia is a

mechanical wonder. A mastercraft of gears and pendulums made to outlast the universe, made by the transcended artisans of the universe. A combined effort of the infernal star-smiths, the dimension sculpting carpenters and drawn by the same mathematician that created the egg. The colossal circular mechanism is a universe within a universe; a society of local dimensions clashing to create the perfect civilization of ancient, forever existing nuclear beings and creatures. But when Azai came to Dwaia he accidently dropped a coin into a big ass machine and fucked everything up for everyone. Literally everybody died except Azai and a few retarded solitary races on Dwaia. good job :)

Azai now uses the Dwaia construction to house the biggest collection of the universe's most autistic braindead retardations.


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