25 Facks about the Coconutal Blody

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'25 Facks about the Coconutal Blody' was a copypasta made by Xzyckon during one of his hyperactive episodes which he never finished. This is what the copypasta looks like in it's unfinished form, whether Xzyckon will one day finish it has been a question asked by nobody.

1. the coconutal blaby follows the atomonity of a coconutal
2. the coconutal bobbypin contents nutal; a substain that coconutals procede
3. the cacanootal poopyseed is ablabel to a nausea after falling from a tree
4. the the cuntcuntpoop sixpence has a very berry hairy outer (space) exospookeleton
5. the koolaidnutflop onionflip has the ability to produce and distribute moomoes across the lands of Middle Shart
6. the nickelback jetpack likes to hang out with oranges but not pears because they attract wasps and fuck wasps they are enusholes and they watch anime because they are weebs and fuck wasps
7. the ayylmao eonPig citrus fuck dont have no feets don't weigh a ton don't need no gun to get respekt up in da hood they dya'll be doing that rollin' shit yo
8. there is a cococonutfish calleded 'Catpiss the Thrid' and he was very bad to the bus full of dolphines they all dieded because of the him so remember not to open up magnifier when you be on your windowns pen
10-25. i am 2 lazery to tpye all off diz shatles down
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Partly because of this copypasta, the word 'Coconutal' has become somewhat of a small meme within Dwaia albeit mostly around Autoania, occasionally being bouted around for the shits by Xzyckon and others.