Big e

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Big e
Big e.png
Don't stare into the e for too long kids.
Aliases Big e, Biggie, e
Affiliation None
Elements Unknown
Level e
Skills Wiki Markup
What are these stats?

Big e (aka "Biggie" or "e") is a strong entity with the ability to edit wiki articles.

His editing habits consist of using lots of wiki markup code and custom templates to make the article look completely obliterated.

Big e follows the rules of the fiction around him; for example if it is established that a certain character is stronger or weaker than him his attributes will change accordingly. This only fails to happen if certain information about him is contradictory, in which case he can ignore it and write his own information which would be very bad. (and rude)

Text formatting and contextual precursor information is taken into account. Here are some examples that should give you a good idea.

Statement Predicted Outcome/s
Big e is big. Obviously
Big e is stronger than gremscro big hands.

▪ gremscro big hands dismisses the statement

Big e is stronger than gremscro big hands.

▪ gremscro big hands dismisses the statement
▪ Universe explodes

Big e physically manifested into Dwaia. Big e becomes a physical entity that can interact within the world of Dwaia
Big e raped a police car. The statement is ignored
Big e raped kissed a police car. Instead of raping a police car he merely kissed it, this would have to be a follow up statement to "Big e physically manifested into Dwaia." or the statement would most likely be ignored.
Big e is gay "No u" - e

Whenever Big e corrupts an article he imprints a ghost image of himself upon it. It is unknown what the significance of this is but it is assumed to be a strong memetic agent to get readers to write lore empowering him.


  • Big e's favorite number is 2.71828.