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Elements Evil, Meat, Bone
Skills Dread Aura, Cursed Speech, Leap, Devour, Scronmch
Regions The Deep Bogh, Plane of Earth
General body type Bipedal orb
Prominent Features Skin pale grue, yellow, tan, or brown; Huge fucking mouth
Height 0.9m - 1.2m
Weight 80kg - 120kg

The Okxik (from Cursed Speech Ökksyk), also known as the Drædon or Devourer, is a bipedal orbicular predator native to eastern Dwaia and presumably the Plane of Earth. Several subspecies of Okxi exist, generally growing larger and hairier as they trend northwest from their origins in The Deep Bogh. Based on the Okxik's evil energies, naturally destructive nature, and predator status, most zoologists consider it an invasive species of the First Plane.

Okxi are feared for their massive maws and asphyxiating toxins often left wherever they tread. Their strong spring-like legs allow them to run up to 45 miles per hour and jump quite far for their weight. As incredibly aggressive pack hunters, a herd of northeastern Okxi are nearly indomitable for most adventurers.

Due to the sheer loudness of their home environment, Okxi are deaf, and curiously incapable of smelling as well. They are quite heavily dependent on their eyesight as a result.


The exact origin of the Okxik is unknown. However, it is believed that the species is one of numerous who have migrated from the Plane of Earth and found a fitting home in the crusty deserts of the eastern First Plane. This theory is supported by their highly specialized adaptations to other creatures in Bogoland, suggesting that they have all had contact with each other for a very long time.


Okxi will mark their territory with piss and shid and bones from kills, and are also observed to build skin tapestries harbouring dreadful messages, probably intended to scare away more intelligent creatures.

Their nests are usually crater-shaped in appearance and are protected with an assortment of layers of prey's skin, bones and rocks, and shid walls. When these nests are threatened the female Okxi will scream out in a horrible fucking noise known as "Hysterical Ass-ripping." Okxi that are particularly DUMMY THICC can, as a defense mechanism, use their rippling rears to generate a shockwave to knock down incoming attackers.


Native Okxik

Also referred to as the Arid Okxik or the Bogxik, these predators inhabit the Deep Bogh and generally hunt alone. They are smaller and lighter than the other breed, but even more aggressive. Bogxi are far less social than other Okxi, and the most likely to compete within their own species. This is likely due to the increased interspecial competition and general scarcity of resources in the region. Or maybe they're just assholes idk.

Northeastern Okxik

Northeastern Okxi inhabit the forests directly north of The Deep Bogh, where colder weather necessitates a thiccer hide. This breed grows larger than its native counterpart, often attributed to a lack of competition and therefore abundance of nutrients. They developed a far more socialized pack-hunting strategy, and tend to concentrate in bigger herds with males and females cooperating to hunt prey - females often finish kills.


Its toes secrete a highly poisonous juice. In fact, this is where the word "toxic" comes from ("toe" + "okxik").

The weight of an Okxik poses a significant threat when they jump great distances. To help mitigate this, the Okxik will land on collapsible legs and roll to delay its impact over a longer distance. This is thought to be why their legs can fold so tightly into their body while the cephalothorax is roughly spherical.

According to the SC🅱, any confirmed sightings of an Okxik near a settlement necessitates immediate evacuation, citing biohazardous and potentially cognitohazardous properties. See also: SC🅱-35