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Blombo the Big Blobman Boi.png
Image of Blombo the Blobman Boi (Big Mode)
Aliases Blomby, Thicc Goo
Relatives Blombro (Brother), Mombo (Mother)
Affiliation Very Good
Biographical information
Country Land of Dwaia
Marital status Single and looking to bingle.
Date of birth 0 AP
Place of birth Gelatinous Plateau, Papacy of Blopis
Biographical information
Species Blobman
Gender Boi
Height 2 meters (normal mode), 5 meters (Big Mode)
Weight 0.5 metric tonnes (normal mode), 8.0 metric tonnes (Big Mode)
Eye color Orange (very tasty)

Blombo is a very strong and powerful, but friendly Blobman Boi. His attacks include:

  • Big Gun: Blombo takes out a revolver and shoots the enemy. (Non-fatal because Blombo is a good.)
  • Super Juice: Blombo secretes a strong juice which heals friends but hurts the enemy.
  • Big Mode: Blombo becomes a Big Boi but do not worry he is still a nice.
  • Boing: Big Blombo the bouncy boi sproings and bounces with his big boi body. (Only in Big Mode.)