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This is an alphabetical list of Slang terms used on Dwaia


  • Bonko - Said for no particular reason, unless you're playing the doggo game.


  • Egglet - A term used mainly in Eggolovania to describe eggs of lesser social standing. The usage has also bled into other parts of Dwaia, where it is used to mean "Small rotund boy"


  • Poo Ass - A term used to label people suspected to have shat more than twice a day. Even avatars, who usually lack digestive systems, have been known to get offended by the term as well. The only communities that this label seems to fall on deaf ears upon are the Bukamen.

"What are you, some kind of a poo ass?" - Direct Insult Example

"Hey man did you hear about that poo ass yesterday?" - Gossip Example

"Are you a poo ass?" - Questioning Example, could also be interpreted as an insult