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Elements Bo / Aq∲ / Te†
Level 10
Skills Innovate


STR 10
DEX 10
CON 11
INT 10
WIS 10
CHA 12
What are these stats?
General Body Type Humanoid, obviously
Height Adult 1 - 2.25 m
Weight Adult 45 - 100 kg
Territory Most of the Overworld
Preferred Habitat Humid, Tepid, Bright

The Human is a prevalent form of sentient life on the world of Dwaia (World). Humans are most commonly found near the center of the First Plane, but occur naturally throughout the world, owing to their high adaptation. They are the most common form of life on Dwaia.

Humans are high in charisma, tending to build complex relationships and societies. Their intelligence is also sufficient to build complex tools, buildings, and many other things. They tend to like building in general, really.


Three skills come naturally to Humankind:

  • Innovate: The skill of create thing.
  • Cooperate: Humans like to employ communication and collaboration among their kin to achieve goals.
  • Adaptate: Human bodies passively acclimate to their environment — moving from a cold climate to a warm one would only inconvenience a Human for a matter of weeks. This skill is bounded within a range of about -15° to 45°C, though with training this can be pushed further.

In addition to these skills, Humans are prone to learning new ideas and practices. The number of skills under one Human's metaphysical belt is effectively limited only by what they feel like teaching themselves.

Humans have the most variable stats of any bo; While default stats are mostly at or near 10, any Human may in reality have trained some of their stats to be as high as 18. Among Humankind this is referred to as becoming legal.[citation needed]

Elder Humans are known for their exceptionally high Wisdom.

Strengths and weaknesses

Humans have notable regenerative properties due to highly active scar tissue. They can also potentially survive the loss of every limb, though they cannot regenerate entire appendages.

The high charisma of humanity is a double-edged sword - if separated, a human is quick to feel lonely. In only a matter of days they begin to take penalties to all stats, and may eventually become completely disabled. Their CON may even reach 0, causing death by loneliness. Humans generally get around this by bonding and "humanizing" non-human creatures, inanimate objects, and even figments of their own imagination.

Physically, Humans have two weak spots: The head, torso, nut, and did I say two I meant three. They are also generally weak to temperatures outside the -15° to 45°C range and are susceptible to both ice and Fire.

Notable humans



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