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This article lists some common Dwaian food items, which one would expect to find at a food festival such as the yearly Vorebazaar in Scrumpton.



(no image because invisible)
Type Snack
Effects Nice Taste, No Calories, Good Crunch, Air Pollution, Violent Lung Explosions
Source The sky.
Cost to buy Depends on type. Normal chasps go for 50 bolar cents a bag, while artisan chasps can go for as much as 20 bolars a chasp.
Cost to sell Same.

A popular fun healthy snack among Dwaians, especially in the Dwaian Centropolis, where the technology needed to create them is more readily available. They take the form of crisps, but are made entirely out of air. (Therefore no calories!) The air is first deep fried in a big vat in order to make it crispy. Then the fat is carefully removed using napkins, leaving the air behind in a crystalline form. Chasps come in all shapes and sizes, including smiley faces and figure-eights. Sometimes air softener and artificial sweeteners are added to produce Gummy Chasps.

Chaps are invisible and very light, owing to them being air. Many chasps get lost because of this, and this has led to air pollution. Over the course of a lost chasp's lifetime, it gradually gets corroded into finer and finer dust particles. When someone breathes in these particles, it causes a blockage, as the lungs basically return a syntax error when trying to absorb solid air. This leads to a decreased breathing efficiency, a condition known as chaspoma, which can result in death if left untreated.

The chasp dust also turns flammable when it gets small enough. This means that on particularly hot days, in certain areas of high chasp consumption, the air itself can explode because of a small spark, burning for miles, as well as into the lungs of people with chaspoma, killing them instantly.


Type Fruit
Effects Tastes good and gives good immune system
Source From technology infused chickens
Cost to buy 101 bolar (starting price)
Cost to sell 101 balor (starting price)


An egg with an incredibly strong shell. Almost everyone simply swallows them whole. Once in the stomach, the eggulon will open an ethernet connection to share bio-informations. This is mutually beneficial as it improves the immune system of both the host and the eggulon. Finally the eggulon will teleport out of the host's body, into the nearest bucket. Hence, many hospitals possess an eggulon bucket, which becomes stronger as it is used by each successive patient. Sadly, a good immune system does not protect against curses, jujus, hexes, physical wounds, mental wounds, scringos, etc.

Only the strongest entities consume eggulons by crushing the shell between their teeth. This releases the knowledge juices of the eggulon's lifetime experience, which tends to be in the thousands of years. It is said that the BOI starts every one of its meetings with a sacrificial eggulon crunch.


Type Fruit
Effects Nice taste.
Source Forest imbued with the Thickness Curse.
Cost to buy 1 bolar
Cost to sell 1 bolar


Like a banana but shorter. The flesh of the fruit has a distinctly dense and gummy texture to it. Technically these are just bananas that were cursed to be round, but another term was legally established for them, so that wizards can't get away with selling small round bananas as "real bananas".

Despite the curse controversy, the bana has become popular as a quick snack, as it contains the same amount of nutrition as a normal banana, but can be consumed in one bite.


Type bread
Effects Taste like egg and bread
Source Can be grown and baked.
Cost to buy 5 bolar
Cost to sell 3 bolar

The Bregg is a unique invention in that it can be both baked in the oven but also grown as an egg plant. The ingrediants for a bregg can be the same as any bread, since it is the egg element that makes the name. If made during the growing seasons, place the bregg in a pot in the sunlight and wait a week. When the bregg has sprouted, place it outside under direct sunlight. In about 2 months time, the raw dough bregg should be sprouting, and another 2 months will bake the dough in the sun, effectively making more breggs.


Tobacco Cookie

Tobacco Cookie
Tobacco cookies.png
Type bread/cake
Effects cancer of the mouth and herbal medicinal properties
Source Is baked.
Cost to buy 30 bolar

A tobacco cookie is a common tea and coffee time treat for many Dwaians. In some regions it is a national dish often enjoyed around the wet season. The cookies have been used as both alternatives to smoking cigarettes, and as a herbal medicine because of its medicinal properties. According to hardcore fans, it is best enjoyed with a real cigarette and glass of tobacco milk.



Yogurt is a delicious treat made out of egg juices, solidified with toenail extract and sweetened with salt and cyanide 😋.