Plane of Fire

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Fifth Plane Igη
Fifth plane impression.png
Artist's conception of the Fifth Plane, based on a simplified preconception they were too stubborn to admit was inaccurate.
Government Evil Land (claimed)
None (recognized)
Type Great Plane
Element Ig
Level 54-92
Location Southern Hemicube
Inhabitants Ipugnon, Bep
Population Unknown

The Fifth Plane, referred to colloquially as the Plane of Fire (not to be confused with Fire Land), and notated Igη, is a light-drowned hellscape to the south of the First Plane. Encompassing an area of approximately one billion square kilometers, the Plane of Fire is bordered by the Plane of Water to the west, the First Plane to the north, the Plane of Earth to the east, and the Last Plane to the south. Igη does not share a border with its elemental antithesis, AeϚ.

Japaleno lies directly above the plane at all times as Dwaia is locked in a squaral orbit (squorbit), leaving this plane intensely scorched and bathed in molten rock. The majority of Igη is enveloped in firestorms hundreds of kilometers in width. Within them, sentient fire tornadoes roam the magma known as Ipugnon, who feed on the readily abundant energy.

Similar to the Fourth Plane, the sweltering climate of Igη extends into the southeastern bounds of the First Plane, and this perpetually burning desert is dubbed Fire Land. Very small humanoids called the Bep, adept in the art of Harmonic Vulcanomancy, are native to both regions.

Powerful wizards, instead of generating elements, often teleport their flames directly from the Plane of Fire. This allows an incredible output of destruction while bypassing the Principle of Equivalent Exchange. The downside is the incredible cost in pure energy and magicks, as well as the risk of accidentally setting a stray fire-beast onto the First Plane. The practice is heavily discouraged for this reason, save for the very strongest of wizards.

Interaction with the Water Plane

As a result of Igη contacting AqE directly, combined with the intense turbulence of both the Second and Fifth planes, the border between the two has been ravaged by an incredibly powerful and complex hurricane system for all of known history. Across the 31,616 kilometer length of this Great Ridge, stray Ipugnons are invariably killed by the Water Plane's colossal tsunamis, and churning typhoons release megatons of energy as they flash into Steam.


The Kingdom of Dwaia has sent numerous wizards on odysseys to the Plane of Fire, often to surprising success. This has lead to the Fifth Plane becoming the most intensely studied of all the Great Planes, and remains the best understood to this day. Multiple Dwaian nations maintain established trade routes with the native Bep of Fire Land and the northern Fire Plane, including the Kingdom of Dwaia and the Skeleton Kingdom of Osseia. All successful expedition routes go through Fire Land, bypassing the highly advanced Golbi Empire.

List of initial expeditions:
Damian Alterra Fontaine, 760 AP (failed)
• Helfen Giosaad, 1104 AP (successful)
• Helfen Giosaad, 1106 AP (successful)
• Helfen Giosaad, 1106 AP (failed)
gremscro big hands, 1200 AP (big hands)
• Tingtong Bink-dongdink, 1239 AP (failed)
• Tingtong Bink-donkdonk, 1242 AP (successful)
Gensamenng Giojenn, 1256 AP (successful)
• Rattletank Bonkdank, 1270 AP (successful)